Fresh Flush Toilet Hygiene Programme

Developed over a number of years our toilet and urinal sanitising programme was designed to satisfy the following criteria:

1.To give the most effective results.
2.To have minimal or no environmental impact.
3.To be the most economical in price.

Fresh Flush® is the most effective toilet sanitiser available as evidenced by the number of our clients who have switched from other brands.

Fresh Flush® cleans, disinfects and reodorises urinals and toilet pans with a pleasant fruity fragrance with every flush.

Fresh Flush® has a very strong disinfectant factor (together with detergent and essential oils) which actually destroys infection and the smelly bacteria which feed on uric acid.

Fresh Flush® is fed through a dispenser which we place in the urinal or toilet cistern (or header tank) and is dependent on flushing. Since the dispenser is inside the cistern this ensures that it is tamper-proof.

Aside from a great improvement in hygiene other benefits to be gained from the use of Fresh Flush® include:

An improved restroom environment, appreciated by clients and staff.

Health and cost benefits by withdrawal of expensive alternatives if used.

Reduced smells and stains by removal of "damming" effect on urine in urinals by deodorant tablets.

Reduced plumbing costs of clearing blocked drains due to PDCB crystals (or other deodorant matter) entering waste pipe.

Reduced plumbing and cleaning costs due to uric acid build up in waste pipe.

Quicker and easier manual cleaning of facilities due to less staining and adherence of body waste to urinals and toilet pans.

We at Vic-Hyco are so excited by this wonderful product we’d like to provide you with a completely free, no obligation trial of Fresh Flush so can experience the great benefits of this product. 

Please call for your free sample.