Standard Sanitary Bins - Vic-Hyco Sanitary Bin Service

Why is our service is the best available?

Units are discreetly delivered and removed in bags by a professionally dressed service-person.

Our units are of premium quality and are attractively labelled. To view units - Click Here 
They are manufactured in a light, neutral beige colour which does not disguise contamination and the flap has a raised lip so there are no nasty hidden surprises for the user.

Our units are charged with a powerful non toxic product which ensures that our clients never have a problem with offensive odours.

Unlike others we won’t restrict you with a contract. You will always remain free to take your business elsewhere- no questions asked.

And should a unit become heavily contaminated between services we are happy to make a special free courtesy call and replace it with a fresh, sanitised bin.

Each of our highly valued clients is unique.
Each client has unique personnel, premises, requirements etc.
Our clients have helped us to develop a system of service which is so superior to anything else available we have come to call it…

The Vic-Hyco Advantage

  • We schedule our service call to minimise inconvenience in your rest-room
  • Delivery and removal of units is performed by a professionally dressed service person.
  • Sanitary bins are never left unattended on our client’s premises.
  • We use top quality, pleasant smelling units.
  • Contracts are unnecessary, should we ever fail to please, you are free to take your business elsewhere.
  • Should we ever fail to service your units in the week they are due to be serviced you receive the following service free of charge.
  • We do not invoice for services which a client has yet to receive. (Subject to client’s requirements.)